App: Glenwood House News

I have been working on an application for my school, Glenwood House.
It allows you to read all the latest news, upcoming events, view the latest images from the school gallery, download all the latest documents and get contact info for the main staff members.

I built the application using the iOS SDK. The way this application operates is by downloading a few RSS feeds from the Internet, parses them and displays them on a UITableView. I used a UIWebView to display the locally-downloaded News, Events and the Calendar. The images are displayed within a scrollable UIImageView and the documents in a UIWebView, as it can display many file types easily. However, it is not local, but each document is downloaded when you view it.
I had some issues when downloading the feeds, as downloading the content in the main thread would pretty much freeze the application until it had finished downloading the content. I fixed that issue by using NSThread to detach a new thread for the downloader function. Finally, I needed a quick way to remove the <br /> tags from the custom UITableViewCell labels. I used a quick function in an NSString that would find “<" and ">” and remove them and anything in between them, and this worked pretty flawlessly. Right now there is unfortunately a bug that is present on the News tab, which crashes the application when you scroll to the very top from the bottom and it bounces at the top and crashes when the scroller stops. I have made an update which squashes that bug, but Apple will take a little time to accept the update. The development was tricky in some ways, but I really enjoyed writing it.

You can download it from the App Store on iOS devices/via iTunes by clicking here.
Here are some screenshots of the application:

iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 2 iPhone Screenshot 3 iPhone Screenshot 4 iPhone Screenshot 5

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