Month: April 2011

App review: CyDelete

One of my favorite jailbreak tweaks that always comes in handy is CyDelete. Put simply, it allows you to uninstall Cydia packages from the Home Screen just like you would uninstall an AppStore app. The default way of uninstalling Cydia packages is via Cydia, but this makes it a breeze.

App review: Springtomize

Springtomise is probably one of the best tweaks ever. It puts about 50 different tweaks into one package. From docks to screenshot modification, from status bars to the Lockscreen, Springtomise can change just about everything. It’s available in Cydia for $2,99 which is a good price for what it offers.             

App review: Winterboard

Winterboard is an application developed by Jay Freeman (The creator of Cydia.)

It allows you to theme your device. From Icons to status bars, from the lockscreen to the power-off screen, you can do pretty much anything in Winterboard.

In Cydia, there are thousands of Themes for Winterboard. You can simply install any theme and Winterboard will also install. Once you are ready to set it up, launch Winterboard from the SpringBoard (home screen).

Jailbreak Info app

There is an application I wrote that allows you to get Reviews and tutorials for some of the best Cydia applications. From Winterboard to CyDelete, from OpenSSH to IconMaker, Jailbreak Info provides it all. Available in Cydia for free via the BigBoss repository.

Bubble Text

Bubble Text is an application I released that easily allows you to convert standard text to bubble text. You can also email the text or share it on Twitter. You can also use it via a browser. The online version is available at An iPhone native app is also available. Read this post for […]

Text FX

Text FX is an application I wrote that allows you to convert standard text to multiple types which is Bubble Text and Fancy Text. To use Text FX, simply launch it from the Home Screen. Depending on which version of the application you are using (full or lite) you will be presented with different options.
There is a selector where you can choose between Bubble Text and Fancy Text. Below that is a text box where you insert the text to be converted. Right below is the newly created text. This will automatically change when you type or change the text in the text box.

Meteor Dodge

Meteor Dodge is a simple, yet fun game where you are controlling your spaceship and trying to avoid the meteors coming towards you!

The game is controlled by the device’s accelerometer and is randomly generated!

UIWebView enhancements

Here are a few simple UIWebView enhancements for iPhone/iPad apps. The default WebView background color is plain grey. This to me is very boring. Unlike standard elements, the webView’s background cannot be changed. To change the background color of a webView, type the following in your application’s .m file: webView.backgroundColor = [UIColor scrollViewTexturedBackgroundColor]; That will […]