Game Review: Minecraft

I have a new favorite game that I am pretty addicted to right now. It is called Minecraft. The only goal in the game is to survive. This may seem very boring, but believe me it is extremely addicting. It is a free-roaming game, which means there are no “walls”. All of the lands are completely randomly generated so there are endless possibilities on what world you get. In the game there are trees, mountains, seas, caves, minerals, animals and monsters. You can gather the raw materials and build hundreds of new objects with them such as axes, torches, Redstone (electrical) wire, switches, doors, ladders, stews (which give you health), mine carts, tracks. The list goes on and on. There is a multiplayer mode where anyone can host a Minecraft server and users can type the IP or URL of the server.There are some massive servers that can host hundreds of players at a time. Minecraft is a great game and I recommend it to anyone. Here are some screenshots:

Randomly generated lands Cave home

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