Category: iPhone Apps

App: Glenwood House News

I have been working on an application for my school, Glenwood House.
It allows you to read all the latest news, upcoming events, view the latest images from the school gallery, download all the latest documents and get contact info for the main staff members.

I built the application using the iOS SDK. The way this application operates is by

Text FX

Text FX is an application I wrote that allows you to convert standard text to multiple types which is Bubble Text and Fancy Text. To use Text FX, simply launch it from the Home Screen. Depending on which version of the application you are using (full or lite) you will be presented with different options.
There is a selector where you can choose between Bubble Text and Fancy Text. Below that is a text box where you insert the text to be converted. Right below is the newly created text. This will automatically change when you type or change the text in the text box.

Meteor Dodge

Meteor Dodge is a simple, yet fun game where you are controlling your spaceship and trying to avoid the meteors coming towards you!

The game is controlled by the device’s accelerometer and is randomly generated!