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Recap: SANReN Cyber Security Challenge 2017

As part of Team BitPhase from Stellenbosch University, we made it to the final round of the inaugural 2017 SANReN Cyber Security Challenge in early December 2017, hosted in parallel with the annual 2017 CHPC Conference. We were fortunate to leave as the winning team of the Main challenge! Several days of awesome work for […]

Bitmap images on character LCDs

Character LCDs are displays that consist of many character “blocks”, and each block can display a letter, number, etc. In the world today, there is one display controller/driver that dominates this market, the Hitachi HD44780 driver. I have talked about this in another post on reverse engineering a printer LCD. HD44780-based character LCDs usually come […]

Interfacing with a salvaged LCD character display

A few weekends ago I got hold of an old broken Canon printer/scanner combo. One thing that caught my eye was the display. It was a 2×20 character LCD (2 lines, 20 characters per line) which is better than some others I have which are 2×16.
Here is an image of my finished example project with this display: